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Japanese quality being made for almost a century, Komori is one of the leaders in offset and printing press. Its first launch in this industry were 40in and 29in offset S Series, and the Sprint Series sheet fed printers. They continue to keep promoting new products every few years. Komori is a reputed brand worldwide but within Japan its the number one, as its also used for printing Japanese Yen by the central bank of Japan.
Throughout its existence, the firm has strived to become the very best in its field. They truly believe in working to improve the quality and efficiency of its basic printing presses and develop community of printing networks along with automated systems that have been immersed in digitalization.

Lithrone the undisputed bastion
The Lithrone family came to the market in 1981. The five-color 526 press was one of the most popular models, with more than 1000’s installed across the globe. At deluq, we sell a lot of brands but the most machines we sell are used komori offset press. In early 2000’s, the L526 still retains its traditional double-cylinder design, but other features have been enhanced. This model had an ink key remote control and separate drive for ink rollers, not to mention the added dampening vibration roller and optional sensor for checking water-level.

We can confirm that Komori really values its own product development as part of a determination to ensure that the name Lithrone is always synonymous with quality. We have had no complaints with used press from Komori especially this series.
Different model in Komori are launched as the economy evolves and just like now in 2020 when we are was facing continued uncertainty, but printing is growing increasingly competitive. CV 19 has forced people towards ecommerce buying increasing the demand for printers and sizes of print media. At the same time, the technology is evolving so quickly continuous transforming the shape of media. Komori plans to help make its offset machine a turning point to gain more market share. The Lithrone series always embrace an array of new technologies following on from its traditional path. The latest Lithrones ’s launch price started includes multiple optional extras include the KHS system, a pre-inking and de-inking system.

Helping printers reap their investment
Given that offset press have high utilization and quickest job changeover times, the pricing is ideal where it becomes profitable on runs of just few clients running at capacity. Its varied speed like a 15,000sph speed makes it a good choice for longer-run work. In the past they used to optionally provide PDC-S spectrophotometer, which digitally controls densities and color matching which is now part of the regular machine. There are great features of convertible perfecter, a trigger based automatic switchover between printing modes and a reversible registration remote control.

While the Komori came in with S26, the successor to the Lithrone 26 series. There is still high demand for older model like this and every time a new model is introduced, we have printers selling us their old used offset.
At Deluq Used Offsets, we continue to get a lot of Komori Lithrone models that we export to multiple markets in Viet Nam, Korea, Brazil, India and such. Our Partner, Renga, has personally overseen dismantling and loading of more Komoris than any one else in the US. Any post -1990 model that is available onto the market tends to be exported, but presses built after that have are also now finding markets externally due to the flouring economies.

“Komoris are extremely sturdy, cost effective and reliable offset presses,” says Renga. “I went to see one recently that was installed in 1995 and had done over 3m impressions, but it was still running with a perfect cylinders.” On our website we list all the refurbished machines and the prices we have sold them at. You will find a lot of the listed machines are Komoris.

Komori does not sell used machines directly, it will take in models for part exchange. The one advantage we have with Komori is that they not just easy to run but easy to dismantle, repair and install. Used Komoris are the best investment for a budding business printer.

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