Second hand printing equipment are affordable and easier to import compared to new machines. Most of the factories in the US are well maintained and our clients end up with great bargain discount for the value. We help find those best value press for you.

A second hand printing equipment is generally 60% cheaper than a new one. Printers in Vietnam, Korea, Malaysia, India, Brazil, Turkey prefer to import refurbished commercial printers. The value of used equipment is greater than its price.

We work with all our clients and customers in an individual manner. For us, your business is more important than the machine we can help you get. Hence we will advice you on what printing equipment is ideal for you.  We help you think about productivity, machine worth and even arrange turnkey labor to maximize your investment .

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Choosing the Right Printing Equipment

Flexographic Presses

These are commercial printing presses that rely on flexible plates to print over the medium. This unique capacity makes the flexo press a versatile and makes it one of the most efficient technologies in modern printing era. It can be used to print on almost any substrate material: plastic, paper, cellophane, etc. The photo-polymer printing plates that help imprint images across a wide range of surfaces are also consistently high quality, reproducing same print results every time. Used widely for labels and packaging but is often combined in a single operation with other in-line jobs, such as lamination, varnish, foil embellishment and other fabric printing.


Offset Printing Presses

These highly effective pieces of used printing equipment are ideal for printing on long rolls of paper that are fed continuously into the press. Newspapers, magazines, catalogs, and books are regular outputs of an offset second hand press.

Sheet Fed Printing Presses

Sheet fed commercial printing equipment is used to print directly onto individual sheets of paper, cardboard, etc., that are fed into the press one at a time. The press may consist of one unit capable of printing only one color ink at a time, but large sheetfed offset printer may have six or more print units that each print a different color of ink on the sheet of paper all in one pass of the press. Sheetfed presses are commonly used for low quantity printing, such as brochures, short-run magazines, business forms, and general commercial printing.

Sheet Fed Digital Printing

A relatively new concept in the printing industry from renowned leaders like Konica,  HP, Minolta, Fuji that are manufacturing this type of machinery. The commercial printing companies would be benefited by this sheet fed digital printing given most of the printing methods do not do wide sized like B2 (707 X 500 MM) sheets. This will open up new avenue for your company’s printing business. Especially if you add in that the cost of digital printing is declining and the format sizes are being expanded

Compute to Plate 

These are another transitional product moving from non-digital to digital. CTP machines vary by its construction and the light source. These machines provide a few different options such as an internal drum, external drum, or image setters placed on a flat bed. CTP machines essentially transfer digital images directly to printing plates, offering a different method to print outputs.

Die Cutters

Die cutting is all an automated process that provides for cutting of the medium in the same dimension. This uniform process get it ready for the next step of post printing operations. Die cutters are more standardized, working of universally available sizes for its dies.

Pre-Press Equipment

Prepress is the term to describe all of the processes that occur before printing and finishing. Pre-press printing can be at one stage or across multiple parts but generally involve designing, proofing, preflighting, imposition,  and creating the printing plates. The equipment needed for these pre-printing processes includes computers, software printing plates, and more.

Gluers & Folder Gluers

These come in the post press process and will depend on the medium of printing. They are industrial sized equipment made to fold and glue the printed medium/surface product in a single process. Combining these processes saves significant long-term time and money. The most common include folding cartons, bottle carriers and paper cartons.

Stitching Machines

Stitching machines are used to bind magazines, pamphlets, brochures, and similar printed materials. Pages are secured using the saddle stitch method, which involves inserting two or more staples along the centerfold. This method of binding is economical, durable, and adds minimal bulk

Buy used offset printing equipment across brands

Our mission is to help find the ideal used printing equipment from all manufacturers that suit your business. We carry all major brands, including:
  • Akiyama
  • Challenge
  • Fuji
  • Heidelberg
  • Itoh
  • KBA Planeta
  • Komori
  • MBO
  • Manroland
  • Mitsubishi


CLICK the chat button or send us a WhatsApp above. We will call you to know more about your business and understand which machine you need. We are not a machine marketplace, we have also been owners of factory with employees. We understand your needs and can help with budget, type of printing, feeder, cutter and post press discussions. We can also provide consulting service to ensure you make the right capital investment. .


100% of our clients return to us for purchasing their next machinery. We work with you individually and help you succeed. We search the model you want in the market and if required, call sellers for specific machines. The inspections and history make a major portion of our pricing, recommendations and that also forms our inventory of high quality refurbished and second printing equipment.


We handle everything for you from rigging, packing, loading and shipping. We collect a deposit to initiate a full spectrum of rigorous inspection and visits. Our decades of helping owners means we  move quickly from inspection to delivery. If you need help installing the machinery in your host country, we have experienced technicians that can travel to help you.



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