How to calculate the sale price of second hand offset printing machine ?

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Imported second hand printing offsets printers are very affordable for printers in countries like Thailand, Korea, Philippines, Brazil, Turkey, Vietnam, India. Unfortunately, this is an expensive investment that can break your company if you dont get this right. Lot of machines may fail early, get damaged in transit, may have more wear and tear than you thought.. it can seem very risky.


How does one calculate the actual price or value of such a machine?


Interested in price of a used offset printing machine, read fully to see second hand offset loaded on container price.


Durable and powerful offset machines produced by Heidelberg, Manroland, Mitsubishi, KBA, Komori and Sakurai are constructed to operate for many years.

It is normally not the pricing of a used offset but its condition and usage that matters more. Remember, offset printers price is not the same as its value.

You may not have to compromise on the quality of your production as there are many businesses looking to sell their perfectly working offset machines, some to get a brand-new feed machinery and others to wind down a long running business.


Komori LS 840


Whatever is the reason, the chances of your buying a good machine at an affordable price is normally high. Normally when you a buy an used machine, the value for the investment is higher than a new offset printer.


There are many pricing factors to consider buying a second-hand offset machine, here are the major ones

  • Price depends on where you buy a used offset printing equipment?



Who helps you in your negotiation is the most important to getting a great price for it.


If you limit your search or don’t get the right partner, it can easily turn into a very bad capital investment.


Here are the key factors-

    • There are many online vendors that either directly sell or help source, negotiate machines that you may be interested in. Speak to many of them, understand what is their main value, get client referrals and talk to them about their experience.
    • Industry association is another local source that normally lend a lot of help to entrepreneurs including compiling a source of sellers and buyers of capital equipment. They will also help with basic negotiations.

Indian offset printers

    • Peer or competitors to your clients is one most buyers do not use. This might sound difficult but you will be surprised how people are ready to help once you approach even if they are your competitors.
    • Referrals- Always ask for references with your dealers or sellers in the export market. This will reveal how their purchase went or what to look for in buying second hand offset printer.


While you read more below on how to get the best price, remember other things to consider when buying an used offset equipment.


This article details how risky buying second hand offset printing machine can be, ways to careful.



  • Understanding an offset machinery operational age on its cost


All capital equipment will go through a process of value erosion during the course of its life.


For machinery life cycle, there are three different phases identified based on studies. Any normally operating offsets or printing equipment (99% of all machines) follow three specific life phases. In fact, this can be applied to any purchase in life as well.


Specifically, these are the elements of much used and widely confirmed maintenance curve


Pricing the used offset

Understand age of used offset printer

Startup phase failures occur due to incorrect materials, poor workmanship training, improper installation of new equipment.


Frequently the costs are partially covered by equipment warranty. Hence for you, if an equipment has had such instances the warranty proof and review will provide hints or clues.


The next part is the usage or money producing cycle, this is where the investment is paying its returns. The main thing to determine if a machine has been maintained well is to understand the Preventative Maintenance (PM) practices that the owner or factory operator can provide. time will help.


Most of the well-maintained printing press will not have operator mistakes, sabotage, and material defects. Fortunately if they do, then it tends to show in the components replaced ledger. This listing should be able to identify components purchase and at what part of the life cycle, giving a likely reason for this replacement.

Remember used printing cost is useful ONLY if you get the valuation and cost of these offset printers right!

The last phase of the cycle is when the machine is breaking down and where you will find some factory owners starting to phase out their machinery.


Every machine will reach this stage and it only depends on how well they have maintained and if the machine was misused/abused for over production.


The other reason for reaching here could be parts and supplies updates.


Most of these large printing machines, getting the exact parts especially for old machines is difficult. In the recent times, manufacturers are also deliberately building in breakdown elements or phasing out parts quicker pushing operators towards newer machines.

A lot of failures and breakdowns, result in or from spare parts inventory concerns.


When we at Deluq do our detailed review of second hand machines in person, we can most often tell quickly if that machine is about to get into breakdown cycle or is still in wealth cycle.


Another area where the experience of handling decades of machinery helps is advising if specific brands or machine type have this issue compared to others.

If you are interested in helping better manage a machine during these phases, read our article on maintaining a used offset machine.

  • Walk away if the price of your printer is too high – do not make a bargain deal.

Most print operators and owners are very good with aspects related to the printer- quality, ink type, cylinders, impressions etc. There are very few who know how to negotiate a used machinery especially for exporting or importing.

Anytime you are purchasing an offset machine, the greatest pricing strategy is to be ready to walk away.

Not a good offset sale deal


This can only happen in two instances- a) this is not an emergency purchase where you have bigger production losses that needs stopping (b) you have not invested financial capital or contractual risk into this intended purchase.


Paying too much is not just about the immediate price but also in the future where maintenance and spare parts may add up to defeat the value of the original price.


    • Do your homework of valuing a second hand offset printer
      1. Ensure you inspect the offset and if you cannot travel do a video review or walk through.
      2. Check it out with an independent expert
      3. Send your operator if you can so they can confirm about parts and maintenance.


Make your best deal based on those facts and what competition exists for such a machine.

If the seller is not providing you the right value, and it’s clear that they perceive a higher benefit that is not aligned with you. It may help to understand the variance but you have to continue to negotiate the price.

Select a good trading partner!

Always trade with partners who do this for a living and know the ins-outs of such used machinery purchases. Start here by checking a fast moving used listing of offset printers on sale, sometimes its the same machine like a Heidelberg Used CD 102 or Lithrone 640 but each one has a completely different price based on impressions and our assessment. We can help you guide on all negotiation aspects not just the price.

Here is a sample of printing press we have sold and the prices

Price  – LOC
CD 102
190K USD
CD 102
350K USD
CD 74
420K USD
150K USD
L 640
150K USD
NL 528
530K USD
200K USD
3H 6 TC UV
220K USD
800, 44×64, 6 L
150K USD





However you decide to buy a used printing offset machine at sale, ensure you complete the due diligence with preparation, review and external support.

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Dillan Moderson · 19th September 2019 at 12:02 pm

Walking away from the deal is best advice as sometimes we rush in as we want to get that machine.

Ravi Upalli · 6th October 2019 at 12:01 pm

Well written article, we have had no bad experience with used printers

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