Since the early 1900, Heidelberg has been creating offset printing machines. Tiegel was the start of all this behemoth’s line of industry leading mass printers.

The “Heidelberg Platen” arguably created a new standard printing by producing 1,000 sheets per hour. Hubert Strenberg created many innovative techniques, practices to cement the legacy of Heidelberg offset machines. The Automatic press that produced over 35 sheets/hour helped push book publishing industry into new sales records.

The model that sparked interest of printers is the KOR, its first foray into sheet printers producing within a constraint of 50 x 60 cm. The paper standard of A3 was created by the GTO, adding a new excellence in precision. 1974 is known for many things but one of the most impactful offsets is the Speedmaster that was launched in the market that year. The speed master over a period of decades not only set new technical accomplishments but also created new standards that made it stay at the top of the industry.

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