2008 Komori LS  28x 40 inch Eight color

Second hand Lithrone offset 8 tower printer specs:
  • 28 x 40 inch 8 Colour Lithrone
  • Dedicated tower coater, Anilox coating system with chambered doctor blade
  • Nordson UV system with docking ports and multiple lamps
  • F-APC – Fully automatic plate changing PQC – Print Quality Control
  • AMR – Automatic make Ready for paper size and thickness presets
  • PDC-S -11 Print Density Control for closed-loop scanning
  • KMS-IV Monitoring Komorimatic Dampening – With Delta-effect Technotrans
  • Beta.c Combi Unit Auto Ink Roller Wash Auto Blanket Wash Auto Impression
  • Cylinder Wash Non-Stop Feeder Antistatic Device Ultrasonic Double Sheet Detector
  • Weko Powder Spray Ink Sentinels
  • Approximately 125mm impressions


Komori offset 8 color that comes with perfectors, coaters and LED UV.

This one is a used Li 840 offset that prints in 8 colors on sheet size of 28 x 40 inch and equipped with convertible perfecter. This machine has PQC remote ink, an electronic console. With KMS-IV Komori Management System, Refrigrated recirculating tang, Komorimatic dampening with delta and a dry spray unit, this gives a very low impression count of 20 million.