2006 KOMORI LS 1040 P LX

Used Printing Offset Config :


Model: LS1040P+C
Age: 2006
Circa 84 mill impressions
Speed: 15,000 sph
5/5 or 10/0 printing
Equipped with:
Series 45 with full automation
PDC-SII – Closed loop scanner – New Style
KMS – IV control station
AMR – Automatic make ready – Presets
FAPC – Full Auto plate change
Dedicated Harris and Bruno anilox coater
Extended delivery
Auto Blanket wash ups
Auto Roller wash ups
Auto Impression cylinder wash ups
Tri service cooling
Baldwin IVT IR + HAK Dryer
Sentinel ink management




Category: Sheet Fed
Manufacturer: Komori
Model range: LS 1040
Colours: 10
Year: 2006
Location: United States


This cost-effective machine uses its ‘closed loop’ system to connect out of the console during the color bar reading which enables the printing units to adjust every each imbalances. A clean coat in aqueous coating to the sheet is given by its inline coater. It performs tasks like pamphlets, leading end direct marketing items, high grade newspapers, annual research, advertising items and hexachrome items. Some of the key features are listed below.

    • Maximum sheet size i.e. 720 x 1030 mm
    • Maximum speed i.e. 15000 sheets/hr
    • Maximum printing area i.e. 705 x 1020 mm
    • 6 printing units
    • Maximum line screen i.e. 250 lpi
    • Fully automated
    • Ink has consistency in run log (computerized)
    • Spectrophotographic ink measurement
    • 11660 mm press length