1998 Mitsubishi 3F-6+LX Offset Press with BP

Used Offset Machine Details:
    • Mitsubishi 3F
    • Year: 1998
    • Size: 28 x 40
    • Six color straight
    • Impression: 215 million
    • Dedicated tower coater
    • Auto plate positioning
      Comrac Console
      Automatic roller wash
      Automatic blanket wash
      Baldwin refrigeration and recirculation
      Grafix Digitronic powder spray
      AWS for ink temperature control
      Extended delivery
      IR dryer
      High Pile delivery
      UV Back Printer
      Nonstop feeder and delivery
      Coating pump
      No damage to cylinders
      Available immediately


MITSUBISHI 3F is available for sale, subject to availability. We can offer you this offset with any revisions if you so desire. Mitsubishi is a world leader in printing equipment continuing the long standing tradition from Japanese printing machines. Contact us quickly if you are interested in this equipment.

Make Mitsubishi
Year 1998
Impressions 215 Million
Type Press
Category Sheetfed
Colors 6

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