2000 Komori L428 & 2007 Komori NL 528 LX

2000 Komori L-428 4/C 28″

75 million impressions
PQC Console
Chrome cylinders
Komori-matics (Delta effect)
Ir drier
No SAPC/Cocking
No damages

2007 Komori NL 528 LX

PDC-S II Print Density Control – Spectrophotometer (new 2016)
PQC console with plate cylinder cocking
KMS IV – Komori Management System
Komorimatic Dampening with Delta Effect
Vacuum belt feed board
Chrome-plated cylinders
Water chilled vibrators
Semi-Automatic Plate Changers
Paper Thickness Preset
Automatic Blanket Washers
Automatic Ink Roller Cleaners
Harris & Bruno Anilox Coater
Tresu Royse chiller for dampening
AWS chiller for WCV rollers
Pierry IR drying system
Pierry powder spray
121 Mil Imps

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